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Astala Unscented Body Oil


Simple yet sophisticated; this lightweight and gentle premium unscented natural body oil boasts restorative and deeply nourishing properties within a signature blend of hormone-free plant-based oils.
This luxury body oil for the face and body regenerates individual skin types for a more elastic and hydrated skin.
This bespoke blend inclusive of oils from the camellia, watermelon, Shea oil, and Argon gently saturate your cells with all of the vitamins and minerals, helping to calm and even sensitive skin.
Gently massage this vegan-friendly body oil on the face and body for an instant hydration mid-week or absorb the transformative benefits in a bubble bath for intensely therapeutic downtime on the weekend.
Heat will allow the pores to naturally open preparing the skin to receive the complementary nutrients of this luxury body oil.
This premium blend is suitable for pregnancy
Each purchase comes with a gift of a bird necklace from our jewelry collection 




Ships free to U.S.A., Australia, Canada, U.K. And E.U

    $68.00 Regular Price
    $57.80Sale Price
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